"How can I profit from this...?"

When your father is a billionaire, your mother a model, your grandfather a politician and the rest of your family are all in high flying jobs, what are you supposed to be?

That is the question that has plagued Lincoln Castiglione for all of his twenty four years on this Earth. He is the youngest of four by a clear ten years. His two older brothers are both working as lawyers and his sister his currently working in a high up role in Lincoln’s fathers company. If he was honest, Lincoln would tell you his childhood wasn’t that bad. Although his parents were always working, he still got to see them or at least he did on the major holidays. He had his siblings; mind you with the age gap it was a bit difficult to find a suitable conversation. In the end all Lincoln really had was himself; and that’s something that remains true to this day.

Lincoln did not attend any regular schools; instead it was always the expensive private ones that usually entitle their students to a prescription drug problem and a walk on to the college of their choosing. Not Lincoln. He chose to abstain from education when he discovered something extremely dark about himself. He was a mutant. No one had suspected anything initially. It wasn’t until he was fourteen when he and others began to pick up on a few things. The first was that Lincoln had never been sick, not once. He had never even had a cold. He was a lot stronger than any fourteen year old should be and whenever he went through a metal detector, the damn thing would go off. After several tests, it was found that Lincoln had twenty times the normal white blood cell count and his bones were not coated but in fact made of a metallic material that had no known element. Fearing the worst, Lincoln’s father sent his son the Xavier Institute.

Arriving at the institute, he went in with a sense of arrogance and being better than everyone else. Five years later, he left the same way but somewhat different. During his time, Lincoln managed to make some friends, mainly basing their bonds on the fact they had powers and not on some shared trait. He was always an outsider due to his privileged upbringing and it was actually at the institute where, after breaking up with a girlfriend, Lincoln came up with his mantra “Every man for himself”. Upon leaving, he went to university and got a degree in business and economics. As he had full control of his abilities, Lincoln almost forgot about his time as part of the mutant world.

A news report of a mutant attack caught his attention and a phone call from an old friend prompted him to return to the institute to lend a helping hand…